Lampa S.P.A

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Lampa S.P.A
Via G. Rossa 53-55 - Zona Industriale Gerbolina
46019 Viadana (MN)
+39 0375 820700
Lampa is a historic Mantua company leader in the sector of spare parts for cars, cycles and trucks, born in the 50s thanks to the strong entrepreneurship of Aldo Marutti. The head office is located in the territory of Viadana in 5 different structures: 1 central warehouse, 3 satellite warehouses and the new logistics center, operational since 2003.

The new center allows Lampa to use advanced logistics capable of handling orders quickly and efficiently. The adoption of an advanced logistics system allows direct deliveries from the central office and / or from the 9 deposits connected in real time. The storage and handling of goods are supported by automated computerized management systems, with very modern technology.

Other distinctive elements that characterize Lampa products are the vastness and completeness of families and products, as well as the intrinsic quality of car parts. In fact, most accessories for cars, cycles and trucks are equipped with industrial approvals and certifications. In addition, Lampa products are always in tune with the innovations and market trends with the development and launch of "trendy" products in the car tuning sector, properly cared for and distinguished with an attractive packaging that always captures the consumer's interest.

Choosing Lampa means relying on a safe and reliable partner, thanks to the experience gained in the field of spare parts for cars, cycles and trucks: 50 years of history are the tangible example of a company that has managed to adapt over time to the various needs of the market, often anticipating the tastes and fashions of the moment. Reliability and reliability are the company philosophy that has always reflected the personality of the founder Aldo Marutti and that continues in the family tradition with the contribution of the children. All this is evident and takes the form of continuous research into development through an incessant adjustment of the corporate structures with conspicuous investments that allow Lampa to be more and more ready to give adequate answers to a constantly evolving market.

Products of recognized quality, always updated, fresh, innovative design; excellent level packaging, catalogs and promotional material, the work of an internal team of specialized graphic designers; an effective and innovative use of new media, with the Lampa brand always in pole position on the main search engines. All this, and much more, is Lampa: a perfect, professional, punctual, reliable mechanism, in which every single gear is synergistically integrated with the others, to give each customer the right product at the right time, without waste, without dispersion of energy, optimizing opportunities and convenience.